English C.V.

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I was born in Buenos Aires in 1975 and I’m a citizen of the world, my childhood went through to a lot of moving, where my parents took me thanks to their profession. From Buenos Aires to New York, with a stop in Italy. I went back to Buenos Aires in 1991. When I was 16 years old and with a thousand friends spread over the world, I started my never-ending learning in the printing world. I always love the arts, the music and beautiful things that take me to work in a printing company where I’ve had the chance to learn whatever has to know a good seller  and I fell in love of the world of the color.

I’ve been specializing almost 20 years in different composing software, printing machines and print set-ups.
Now I’ve been living in Madrid for almost 10 years now, working as graphic designer and expertise in impression, pre-impression and fulfilling my dreams.