What I do

Environment: Mac – PC

Programmes: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Microsoft Office, Autocad, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand MX. Gestor de Contenidos:  WordPress.

Servers: Fiery Command Work Station, Postershop, Roland VersaWorks, Océ ReproDesk, Océ Publisher Select.

Printers: Ricoh DC9865, Océ CS620, HP5550, Konika KM C7000, Océ 3165, Océ VarioPrint 2090, Océ VarioPrint 110, Photo developing.

Plotters: HP5000, HP Z6100, HP 1055, Novajet 100i Kodak, Agfa Grand Sherpa Universal 64, Océ ColorWave 600, Océ TDS860, Océ 9800, Océ TCS500, Roland XC-540, Mutoh SC650, HP L26500 latex.

Scanners: HP ScanJet  G4050, Océ TDS 500, HP designjet 4200.

Graphic Design
Thesis Cover. Page Formatting. Design and editing logotypes. Design and editing Posters.  Design Web and Flash. Desktop publishing. Wedding Card. Business Card. Composit. Tickets. Publicity. Book covers. Warhol pop art. Lichtenstein pop art. Computer to press. Computer to plate. Digitalization. Publishing, edition. Book publishing. Bindery. High resolution file.  Advertising brochure. Photomontage  artwork. Proof printing. Digital colour printing. Image manipulation layout. Computer-To-Plate (CTP). Pamphlet. Proofing preflighting.

Color plot in different papers and sizes. Foam Board assembly. Plasticize. Lamination. Canvas frame.  Billboard Canvas. Textiles. Cut and printing vinyl. Pressure-sensitive. Calibration. Shop window. Photocall. Exhibitors. Watercolor. Canvas. Photografic printing. Poliposter.  Scanning.

Black and white plans/drafts, fold or not. Black and White Scan in every size.  Vectorized plans/drafts.

My Clients